Keep your carpets looking new with Oxybrite.

Our Signature Deep Cleaning Process takes just two hours.

A clean house starts with clean carpets. At Oxybrite, our team is high-trained and uses some of the most advanced carpet cleaning technology in the business to keep your carpets looking their best for years to come.

OxyBrite’s unique cleaning process uses deep extracting machines and our special Oxy-genated cleaning solution.

Signature Service Package

Less than two hours for up to six rooms!

With, Quality, Integrity & Convenience at the core of our values, our signature service is simply unmatched by others.

Pure Package

For adults and children who have skin & breathing allergies or sensitivities.

Avg. Dry Time of Just 1 HOUR!

How to make sure your carpets get the deepest clean possible.

Step 1:

Before our cleaners arrive, make sure your carpets are thoroughly vacuumed. This allows us to focus entirely on the cleaning process.

Step 2:

Prep your home
Make sure there’s room in the driveway for us to access your home. Also, if there’s anything breakable in the rooms being cleaned, move everything before we arrive. If you have small furniture, move that too. We clean around furniture so the more open the room is, the better the clean is.

Step 3:

Point out the stains
Let us know where we need to pre-treat. Not just where the stains are but what caused them. If we know what caused them, we’ll know how to treat them.

Now that your carpets are clean, here’s how to keep them clean.

Step 1:

Let them dry
Our average carpet drying time is about an hour, but make sure your carpets are completely dry before you walk on them or move the furniture.

Step 2:

Clean stains asap
It’s no secret, the longer a stain sets the more stubborn it gets. Treat them immediately and always test your cleaner in an inconspicuous area.

Step 3:

Vacuum often
Don’t wait until your carpets look like they need vacuuming, vacuum on a regular schedule and your carpets will look clean for a long, long time

A few other tips

* We will move as much as we possibly can w/o being injured. We do NOT move entertainment or computer centers, previously damaged, fragile or furniture containing fragile objects, massive beds, or tables.