Old Clearwater Bay

Old Clearwater Bay is a prestigious residential neighborhood located in Clearwater, Florida. Situated along the eastern shore of Clearwater Harbor, Old Clearwater Bay is known for its waterfront homes, beautiful views, and serene atmosphere. Here’s some information about Old Clearwater Bay:

1. Location: Old Clearwater Bay is situated south of downtown Clearwater, between Clearwater Harbor and the Intracoastal Waterway. It is bounded by the Belleair neighborhood to the south and Clearwater Beach to the west, providing convenient access to a range of amenities and attractions.

2. Waterfront Living: The neighborhood’s prime location along Clearwater Harbor offers residents the opportunity for luxurious waterfront living. Many properties in Old Clearwater Bay feature private docks, boat lifts, and expansive water views. Residents can indulge in boating, fishing, and other water activities right from their own homes.

3. Exclusive Real Estate: Old Clearwater Bay is known for its upscale real estate offerings. The neighborhood is characterized by a mix of architectural styles, including elegant estates, Mediterranean-inspired villas, and contemporary waterfront homes. The properties often feature spacious lots, lush landscaping, and high-end finishes.

4. Tranquil Setting: Old Clearwater Bay provides a peaceful and serene environment for its residents. The neighborhood is lined with tree-lined streets and well-maintained properties, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere. The waterfront views and gentle sea breezes add to the overall tranquility of the area.

5. Beach Access: While Old Clearwater Bay is not directly on the beach, it is just a short drive or boat ride away from the renowned Clearwater Beach. Residents can easily access the beach and enjoy its white sandy shores, sparkling waters, and a vibrant array of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

6. Proximity to Downtown Clearwater: Old Clearwater Bay is located in close proximity to downtown Clearwater, allowing residents to enjoy the convenience and amenities of an urban center. Downtown Clearwater offers a variety of shopping, dining, and cultural attractions, including the Capitol Theatre, museums, art galleries, and parks.

7. Golf and Recreation: Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the neighborhood’s proximity to several prestigious golf courses, including Belleair Country Club and Clearwater Country Club. The area also offers opportunities for outdoor recreation, including waterfront parks, walking trails, and marinas.

Old Clearwater Bay offers a luxurious and tranquil lifestyle with its waterfront properties, stunning views, and convenient access to both downtown Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. The neighborhood’s exclusivity and natural beauty make it a sought-after location for those seeking an upscale coastal living experience in Clearwater, Florida.

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