Spring Cleaning



Spring Cleaning Project

Before starting your spring-cleaning project, it’s always a good idea to de-clutter and get rid of junk. Doing this will help you avoid finding that your home gets dusty and chaotic right after you clean it. Dedicate a day to taking all the items in your home out and dismantling random piles that accumulate over time.

To start de-cluttering, separate your tasks into five categories which listed below along with a few examples.

  1. Put stuff away; everything has a place:    

Everyone has items stacking up on a chair, table or are hiding anywhere but where they belong. Dedicate to putting those things away so they can be returned to their original homes.

  1. Trash / Recycle:    

In order to create space to help with the 1st step, get rid of things you haven’t used or know you will never use and throw them out.

  • Piling up junk mail, magazines, etc…
  • Broken stuff you know your not going to fix.
  • No hoarding; I save everything, but every now and then I must go through the things I’ve saved and get rid of stuff. Let it go.
  1. Fix/mend:    

Things breaking is a part of life and we tend to put things in a do latter pile sometimes keeping them hidden away for months. Make it your priority to get them fixed one by one as soon as possible. Get this off your to-do list.

  • Loose drawer handles or door hinges
  • Wobbly chair leg
  • The Curtain rod that’s barely hanging on to the wall because your cat loves to climb… and so do the kids.
  1. Donations:   

 Items that are still in good shape or can be fixed should go in the donation box. There’s always someone out there that can use it if you do need it This is a great way to de-clutter closets and dresser drawers of all those clothes your holding on to but never wear.

  1. Organize:    

While your cleaning and putting stuff away, take the extra time to organize while your there. Its easy to clean the whole house while working around those out of control areas. This is a great time to reset those areas back to normal. Even if it stays normal for a couple months.

  • Separate & organize toys. It’s a scary task but once you overcome it, you will feel a sense of accomplishment (This feeling multiplies depending on the age of your children and how many you have😊)
  • Junk drawers. You know it’s bad if you you’ve recently expanded into 2 junk drawers.
  • Closets
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Kitchen cupboards/ Spice rack; take everything out, wipe down shelves and organize
  • Book shelves
  • Dresser drawers

Following these fundamental steps can help your spring-cleaning project go as efficient and as effective as possible. Once tasks are complete, it’ll make maintaining your home much easier than working around organized chaos.  In addition, there are over-all health benefits to performing an annual deep cleaning of your home. Removing accumulated dust, bacteria, mold, mildew, pet dander & fur, sand, soil and everything else that microscopically floats into our home reduces risk of allergy reactions, respiratory irritation, skin sensitives and other air borne sicknesses.





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