Deep Extraction Carpet Cleaning Clearwater FL


OxyBrite’s deep extraction carpet cleaning in Clearwater FL is a method unique to OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners and Clearwater FL. Using a powerful extraction machine specifically designed to reach deep into the carpet down to the carpet lining where a lot of other machines just can’t reach. With duel counter rotating brushes grooming at speeds up to 500 RPM's, our deep extraction machines deliver enough power to effectively break down, loosen and lift embedded soils, debris and particles from the lower portion on the carpet. 

According the carpet industry’s only recognized trade organization, the IICRC, deep particles or fibrous soil makes up 79% of soil present in carpet. Due to the gravity of this soil (found in the lower third of the carpet pile) it requires brush agitation to be removed effectively. Our cleaning machines have not one – but two vertically spinning, counter-rotating brushes! Using the industry’s finest deep extraction machines which are made in EPA registered facilities and research has shown that our system reduces embedded particles up to *97% !*

OxyBrite's Oxygenated Extraction & Filtration process lifts and filters embedded debris and fine particles deep within the carpet including:

  • Air & Dust Mite Allergens
  • Cat & Dog Allergens
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Highest possible extraction of body hair and pet fur
  • pet dander
  • cockroach allergens
  • lead
  • particle pollution
  • dead skin cells
  • clothing fibers
  • pesticide residue
  • cement or paint particles

Deodorizing Treatment step uses active enzymes that bind and neutralize odor causing bacteria, effectively eliminate unwanted smells.

Not only do we make your carpets look as close to brand new as possible but this makes OxyBrite’s Signature Carpet Cleaning Service the healthier clean. OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners of Clearwater FL is the ideal service for those who have sensitivity with allergies, breathing, chemicals, dust or pets. This allows cleaning services in medical offices, assisted living communities, and most health facilities easy for OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners Clearwater FL.


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