Carpet Cleaners Clearwater FL

OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners of Clearwater FL was established in 2011 and since has helped more than 3,000 customers both residential & commercial go green with their carpet cleaning needs without sacrificing results! The combination of our deep extracting machines and Oxygenated solution is a method unique to OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners of Clearwater FL. Our service will leave the carpets cleaner, brighter and healthier than ever. Contact us today at 727-947-2886 to learn more about OxyBrite’s Signature Carpet Cleaning Services. OxyBrite's Signature Carpet Cleaning Service Our well trained crews will efficiently and effectively clean 4-6 rooms in less than 2 hours with a typical dry time of about 1 Hour. Providing our unique service with integrity, quality and convenience, OxyBrite is Clearwater FL premier Eco-friendly carpet cleaner. Dry extraction & filtration process: lifting embedded debris and particles deep within the carpet including: Pet fur and body hair Cat & Dog Allergens Dust mite Allergens Mold Spores & Allergens OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners unique cleaning process: using deep extracting machines and our special oxygenated cleaning solution. Always paying special attention to high traffic patterns, stains and spots within the rooms. Deodorizing Treatment: Active enzymes that bind and neutralizes odor causing bacteria, effectively eliminate unwanted smells. Visit our website to learn why more and more people are choosing OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners of Clearwater FL The absolute best carpet cleaners in Pinelles, Hillsborough & Pasco Counties. Carpet Cleaners Dunedin FL Carpet Cleaners Palm Harbor FL Carpet Cleaners Tarpon Springs FL