Best Carpet Cleaners in Clearwater FL

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OK, lets be honest. ALL carpet cleaners (including myself) claim to be the best. From random methods to crazy chemicals and excessively giant machines that claim of power beyond the universe. Then why choose OxyBrite? Through years of research and experience we have created a process that is unique to OxyBrite and have practiced our service to perfection. With this "out side the box" thinking and dedication our service techniques, our RESULTS clearly separate OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners from all other cleaners. A well trained, professional crew will efficiently and effectively clean up to 6 rooms in less than 2 hours with a typical dry time of only 1 Hour. Using our unique process with the industries finest deep extracting machines and our special Oxy-genated solution your carpets will be cleaner, brighter and healthier than ever. Simply put, there is no other carpet cleaner that offers what OxyBrite offers. And we offer it at an affordable rate. The deepest cleaning, quickest service time, 1 hour dry time and the absolute cleanest results! Providing our unique service with integrity, quality and convenience, OxyBrite is Tampa Bay’s premier eco-friendly carpet cleaner. Specializing in both Residential & Commercial services we will have your carpets cleaner, brighter and healthier than ever. OxyBrite's Signature Carpet Cleaning Service featuring... Our unique process using deep extracting machines & our special Oxygenated solution Special Attention to High Traffic Patterns Stain & Spot Treatment Bio-enzyme Deodorizing Treatment Average dry time of just 1 HOUR Visit our website to receive special offers on all of our service and learn why more and more of Clearwater, FL is choosing OxyBrite Carpet Cleaners.